About Us

Lifeline of the Healthcare Industry


GERMAX is Transforming Healthcare, Enhancing Life.

Since its founding in 1980, Germax Sdn Bhd has been the trusted lifeline of the Malaysian healthcare industry. We are a leading distributor and a niche marketer of pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty care products in Malaysia.  With our focus on service excellence and our customer-focused sales and marketing organization, we promote high-quality value-added healthcare products to enhance the quality of life of our customers.


Your Opportunities in Healthcare


The healthcare sector is a leading driver of economic growth in Malaysia.  Changing demographics, a more affluent society and more health-conscious lifestyles have led to the creation of a robust domestic industry.

While the local industry has traditionally been dominated by the public healthcare sector, private healthcare services have seen tremendous growth over the past decade.  The government aims to further grow this sector by encouraging more private investments in areas such as pharmaceutical products, medical devices, clinical research and aged-care services, as well as supporting collaborative efforts between public and private healthcare providers.

By 2020, the healthcare sector is forecasted to generate RM35.5billion in Gross National Income (GNI). To get a competitive edge in the market, a company needs a strong foothold in all healthcare market segments: hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Germax has an acclaimed track record in bringing blockbuster products from Europe and the USA to Malaysian healthcare outlets. With our value-added services in sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution, we can pave the way for a smooth, problem-free product debut into the Malaysian market.


Our Market Segments


Germax has an extensive distribution network that covers a broad range of 6,200 outlets throughout Malaysia and Brunei. We have a balanced spread of business across hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and skin care salons. Over the years, our dedicated and well-trained sales and marketing staff have built up close business relationships with doctors and healthcare professionals in almost every state. We are currently embarking into expanding our market base within the ASEAN region.


By leveraging our experience and our network, we maximize the market penetration of any products.


HospitalsGermax is reputed for bringing the highest quality international healthcare products to government hospitals, private hospitals and teaching hospitals across the country. All in all, hospitals make up 40 percent of our business.


ClinicsOur support of healthcare in Malaysia extends beyond hospitals to include clinic chains and individual clinics, which make up 38 percent of our business. We take an entrepreneurial approach to selling to clinics, just like other market segments. 


PharmaciesA healthy 22 percent of our business is dedicated to retail pharmacies, comprising both ethical and OTC (over-the-counter) products.

















Our Partners

It is our privilege to represent 17 international principals and help them to grow their market share in Malaysia. Our principals manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty care products that are now available in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies across the country.


The Germax Advantage

With over three decades of experience in sales and marketing, we have established a decentralized entrepreneurial management team that can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities on the market. Our staff takes the initiative to find the best markets for your products so that you can focus on your core business.

Our team has extensive knowledge of healthcare products and market needs, including a deep understanding of product features, disease management, and sales techniques. We use a tailored sales approach to match products to the requirements of doctors and other customers. 

Our quality facilities provide convenient office workspace and warehousing space for our principals. Our warehouse facilities feature temperature monitoring and air conditioning for optimal storage practices, and products are delivered in an air-conditioned van in line with good distribution practices.

Germax provides value-added services that enable our principals to achieve greater speed to market, including support for regulatory affairs as well as product registration and maintenance.

  • Alere Inc
  • Alkapharm
  • Bio Products Laboratory Ltd
  • Chemotechnique Diagnostics
  • Chiesi
  • Citrefine International Ltd
  • GL Pharma Gmbh
  • Groupe Batteur
  • InQPharm
  • Kinovate Pte Ltd
  • M&H Manufacturing Co Ltd
  • Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH
  • Umeda Company Limited
  • PanTheryx