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Isoderm Extra-Mild Shampoo

Product Category : Alkapharm

Shampoo is one of the main causes of scalp sensitivity. The harsh surfactants in shampoo can wash away the scalp’s natural acid mantle. When your scalp natural protective barrier is disrupted, micro inflammation of the scalp can cause sensitivity and dryness. Isoderm Extra-Mild Shampoo for sensitive scalp has been developed to give your scalp the gentle cleansing and care. 

  • non-alkaline and soap-free shampoo with the pH-value of a healthy scalp.
  • With pH value of 5.5, it help to keep the scalp healthy by stabilizing its protective acid mantle.
  • Can use as often as possible.
  • Use daily.
  • Pour out a handful of Extra-Mild Shampoo, massage into wet hair then rinse thoroughly. 

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