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A Cerumen Unidose

Medical Device No: GA56434322917

Product Category : Groupe Batteur

A-CERUMEN is a 2-in-1 solution which is a sure, gentle and effective way of keeping the whole family's ears clean. Based on surfactant plant-based ingredients, and with a preservative-free formula, A-CERUMEN makes it easier to remove earwax plugs, dissolving them and preventing them from forming. 
  • Water base formula that is less greasy
  • No rinsing required
  • Non-irritating and easy to use 

Store at room temperature

  • Tilt the head to the side which is not being treated, squeeze half the contents of a single use dose into the ear.
  • Massage the base of the ear.
  • Return to upright position and wipe any excess product which might drip from the ear after use. 
Sodium acyl sarcosinate, sucrose laurate solution

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