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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator

Product Category : Swiss Precision Diagnostics (SPD)

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is the test that’s tells you how many weeks the conception is.

  • ACCURATE - over 99% accurate in detecting the pregnancy in urine & can be tested up to 4 days early.
  • RELIABLE - uses innovation based on established technology.
  • UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR - digital results for greater accuracy in consumers’ hands. The result shows "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant" and the conception indicator in a number of weeks "1-2" or "2-3" or "3+".
  • SIMPLE TO USE - convenient & easy to interpret.
  • TRUSTWORTHY - from Clearblue, the world’s no. 1 selling brand in home pregnancy & fertility tests.

Medical Device Authority Registration No. IVDB41890291118.                

Baby Talk & MamaPapa Readers Choice Award Diamond Winner Year 2018

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